American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

Wingfield American Drag Harrow - Taking the country back one harrow at a time!

Based in Urbana, IL, Wingfield Manufacturing, LLC is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing our customers honest, durable farm equipment. We also have an unshakable faith in America and the American worker. That is why the Wingfield drag harrow always has been and will always be manufactured in the USA. Hence our motto: American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

You will not find a more versatile, longer lasting, or better performing flexible chain drag harrow on the market today. The Wingfield harrow tine is a high quality, DRAWN*, spring steel tine. Built to ISO 9001 specifications, our unmatched quality can outlast foreign imports by up to three times!

Wingfield IS harrows, it is what we do. As the innovators in the field, we are constantly looking to improve designs and create new uses for flexible chain drag harrows. We also believe in giving our customers the information they need to be successful by providing various articles on harrow use.

Razors are disposable, your farm equipment shouldn't be. That is why Wingfield is committed to providing the American farmer with the world's best farm equipment. If you are in the market for a new harrow, a Wingfield American Drag Harrow is the right choice for the job.

Wingfield manufactures Drag Harrows, 3pt Harrows, Mounted Harrows, Drill Harrows, Harrow Carts, Replacement Harrow Parts, Replacement Harrow Mats. With the world's largest selection of flexible tine harrow sizes and models, you are sure to find a Wingfield American Drag Harrow to fit your specific needs.
Besides harrows, Wingfield offers several Additional Products - Loader Bucket Forks, Agritek 3pt Driveway Scraper, 3pt Field and Pasture Renovator, and 3pt VersaVator .

Wingfield offers FREE SHIPPING on all harrows to the lower 48 states. (Alaska, Hawaii, and International please call 800.637.6712 for shipping rates)

*Drawn steel is stretched through a die to create 20,000 lbs. extra tensile strength without affecting the integrity of the steel.

Featured Products

Heavy-duty 3pt Tractor Harrow Wingfield ATV Harrow Pictured 6' 5" 3pt EconoDrag Tractor Harrow
8' 0" Heavy-duty 3pt Harrow
List Price $2,220.00
4' 0" EconoDrag ATV Harrow
List Price $350.00
4' 9" 3pt EconoDrag Harrow
List Price $870.00
3pt Standard Tractor Harrow Standard Drag Harrow Loader Bucket Forks
7' 2" 3pt Standard Harrow
List Price $1,295.00
7' 2" Standard Drag Harrow
List Price $665.00
3pt MaxiLift Tractor Harrow 3pt Driveway Scraper
7' 2" 3pt MaxiLift Harrow
List Price $1,650.00