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EconoDrag ATV Harrows (4' 0" - 6' 5" widths - 5' long drag harrow) Standard Drag Harrows (7' 2" - 9' 6" widths - 5' long drag harrow) Maxi Tractor Drag Harrow (8' 0" - 24' 0" widths - 7 1/2' long drag harrow)
A Wingfield American drag harrow allows the operator to drag the harrow behind various types of machines. These drag harrows can be pulled behind ATVs, UTVs, trucks, tractors, and more! You can use the Wingfield American drag harrow to prepare a seedbed, create a food plot, break up manure in a pasture, aerate, thatch, level, incorporate fertilizer and chemicals, maintain a gravel driveway, and more!

While you do sacrifice a bit of control and transportability compared to one on a 3pt frame, a Wingfield drag harrow provides versatility - being able to get the job done while also deciding what you want pulling it. Plus, nearly all drag harrows we make have the ability to add a frame to them in the future, as required.