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The Maxi Chain Harrow is available in widths from 8' 0" - 24' 0", and utilizes our fullest length of harrow mat at almost 8' long. You can start with a chain drag harrow that is 8', 10', or 12' wide. Then, you can add a second unit, pulled with an evener bar, to double the overall width.
You also have the option of ordering the harrow in single piece or two piece mats. Single piece mats hold to the ground better and can never come unhooked or tangle. Two piece harrow mats are able to better breakdown for transport and offer more flexibility in setting tine aggressiveness (front mat in aggressive setting - rear mat upside down or turned backwards).

This is a popular model for cleaning up after heavy equipment on construction sites. The full depth of the chain drag does an excellent job in leveling and smoothing deep tracks left by heavy-equipment. The harrow is able to contour to the high and low spots ensuring that you are able to do the most work per pass. Plus, the chain harrow leaves a perfect seedbed that is ready for sowing. The harrow also does a fine job maintaining large gravel or dirt lots where large equipment is being moved and stored.

You won't find a better chain harrow for sale on the market with features like these:

  • A drawn high-carbon, spring-steel harrow tine that can outlast the competition by up to three times!
  • Harrow tines are computer bent to ensure even wear and consistent performance
  • Rings in lieu of hooks to prevent unhooking, binding, and premature wear
  • Chain and clevis hitch is fully-adjustable across the drawbar pipe to keep the chain from hitting the pulling vehicle tires when making tight turns
  • Optional rear pipe is available to help level behind the tractor harrow, keep the back corners from flipping up at higher speeds, and more quickly move the hitch from front to back in order to change tine aggressiveness
  • Optional single piece or two piece harrow mats are available. Single piece - pull more consistently (as there is no break in momentum between mats), can never unhook or tangle, and can be pulled at a faster speed. Two piece - break down easier for transport, allow you to play with different tine aggressiveness angle between the front and rear mat.

NOTE: Try to order a harrow at least a little wider than your wheel base - to cover your tracks while turning and to keep your pulling vehicle clear when getting close to trees/fences. Anything wider just covers more ground per pass.

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