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The Wingfield 3 point EconoDrag utilizes a fully-encompassing, box-tube frame to offer total control over the harrow. With the three point frame, you can back into corners, shake out loose material, control the number/pressure of the tines on the ground, and easily transport the harrow. You can quickly change the harrow aggressiveness with no tools. Plus, the unit is quick-hitch enabled as standard equipment.

The Wingfield 3 point EconoDrag is a very popular model for working a riding arena. The arena drag is able to loosen to a depth of 4", level, and groom your arena footing without getting too deep into the base. With front and rear harrow mats, operators love to drag their arena with the front mat in the aggressive mode, and the rear mat either turned around backwards (less aggressive) or upside down (tine pointing in the air) to work up and smooth out all in one pass! Having the unit on a 3 point frame also gives you the ability to lift the unit when entering and exiting to prevent foreign material being dragged in or out through the gate. If your tractor is in use or out of action, the optional chain and clevis allows the harrow to be pulled by an ATV or large garden tractor.

The Wingfield 3 point EconoDrag is the best arena drag for sale on the market today with features like these:

  • A high-carbon, DRAWN, spring-steel harrow tine that can outlast the competition by up to three times!
  • Harrow tines are computer bent to ensure even wear and consistent performance
  • Rings in lieu of hooks to prevent unhooking, binding, and premature wear
  • Box-tube framework encompasses the entire harrow, and is built heavy enough to withstand harsh conditions
  • The 3 point Lift is setup for a Cat #1 tractor and is quick-hitch enabled
  • Harrow can be pulled in the aggressive mode (tines standing up), less aggressive mode (tines laying flat), upside down (tines pointing in the air), or a combination between the front and rear section - rough up in aggressive mode with the front mat, and smooth out with the rear mat either turned backwards (less aggressive mode) or upside down (tines pointing up in the air)
  • The harrow mat attaches to the frame with 4 chains - this allows the operator the ability to quickly switch from the aggressive to less aggressive modes. Just release the chains, leave the harrow mat on the ground, drive your tractor with frame around to the other end, re-attach the chains, and drive off in the other direction
  • Entire unit can be broken down into 3 pieces with no tools required, and can also fit in the bed of a pickup truck
  • Made in USA

Though it may be small, the Wingfield 3 point EconoDrag is built to tackle numerous large jobs and last through them. The harrow doesn't just excel working arena, but can also break up manure, thatch and aerate a pasture, drag a gravel driveway, drag a corral, groom a bridle path, and many other uses a horse owner deals with on a daily basis.

Remember: You control the harrow on a frame, a drag harrow controls you.

Wingfield offers FREE SHIPPING ON ALL HARROWS. (Alaska, Hawaii, and International are excluded. Please call 800.637.6712 or 217.643.7847 for shipping rate quotes).

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