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The Wingfield Heavy-Duty 3pt Harrow utilizes a fully-encompassing, box tube frame to offer total control over the harrow. With the frame, you can back into corners, shake out loose material, control the number/pressure of the tines on the ground, and easily transport the harrow. Use the Heavy-Duty 3pt Harrow harrow to maintain a horse arena, groom a driveway, break up manure in a pasture, prepare a seedbed for a food plot, interseed, incorporate chemical/fertilizer, and much more!

You won't find a better harrow on the market with these features:

  • A drawn high-carbon, spring-steel harrow tine that can outlast the competition by up to three times!
  • Harrow tines are computer bent to ensure even wear and consistent performance
  • Rings in lieu of hooks to prevent unhooking, binding, and premature wear
  • Fully encompassing box tube framework is constructed of 3" beams and is and built to handle rough conditions
  • The 3pt Lift is setup as either a Cat #2 or #3 and is quick-hitch enabled
  • Harrow can be pulled in the aggressive mode (tines standing up), less aggressive mode (tines laying flat), upside down (tines pointing in the air), or a combination between the front and rear section - rough up in aggressive mode with the front section, and smooth out with the rear section either in the less aggressive mode or upside down
  • Front skids act as both stands and protect the pull pipe from objects during use
  • Harrow mat comes in a single piece mat to eliminate unhooking and providing consistent ground contact
  • Harrow mat is our fullest length harrow (7 1/2') which allows the unit to work the ground in a single pass
  • Unit is able to expand with your needs. You can start with the center frame (8', 10', or 12'). Then, you can add a pair hydraulically folding wings at a later date (4' 9", 5' 7", or 6' 5"). Finally, you can add a tongue, tires, and lift cylinder to turn the unit into a pull-type cart.

The Wingfield Heavy-Duty 3pt Harrow is an ideal tool behind a small/mid-sized tractor. The 3pt framework gives the operator full control in using and transporting the harrow. No matter if you are grooming a gravel lot or incorporating fertilizer, the Wingfield 3pt Standard can fulfill your harrowing needs.

Remember: You control the harrow on a frame, a drag harrow controls you.

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