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With an award winning design, the Agritek 3pt. Driveway Scraper is a well-built and extremely functional piece of equipment forming the best driveway scraper on the market today. Utilizing a V-frame construction, the front blade cuts down high spots and channels material across the full 8' (DS-96) of the rear blade. This moves material not only forward but laterally to settle as well as level. It also brings material from the outside back to the middle. The driveway drag scraper has the ability to operate in both rigid and float modes to ensure a level driveway every time!


• Comes in 6' (DS-72) and 8' (DS-96) widths

• Blades are made from 1/2" steel, and are reversable for longer wear

• "Ski-nose" front keeps the scraper level when in float mode

• Designed so the unit does not create dips, swells, or washboard

• Heavy-duty channel construction

• Has a standard Cat. #1 hitch

• Optional Cat. #1 and #2 quick-hitch enabled adapter available

Optional: Cat. #1 and #2 Quick-Hitch Adapter $175.00

Model # Width Weight List Price
DS-72 6' 350 lbs. $1,095.00
DS-96 8' 450 lbs. $1,195.00

All Agritek Scrapers are available for FREE IN-STORE PICKUP. Please call 800.637.6712 - 217.643.7847 or email info@americanharrow.com to place an order or to find out freight costs.