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Pasture Maintenance with the Wingfield American Harrow
Manure provides all the fertilizer that you will ever need to maintain fertility. The Wingfield Harrow breaks up clumped manure and evenly spreads the manure to fertilize the pasture. Cattle dislike
How to Harrow through a Drought
A drought is one of the biggest challenges a livestock producer can face. Water is everything. However, there are ways to minimize the effects of a drought on your fields with a simple yet effective
Arena Maintenance with the Wingfield Flexible Harrow
A very popular use for the harrow is to maintain riding arenas. The 4" tine creates the ideal depth for a footing base. It is important to note that the harrow doesn't do an ideal job of penet
Gravel/Dirt Road Maintenance with the Wingfield Flexible Harrow
The Wingfield Flexible Harrow works very well to maintain a road, keeping pot holes and washboard from forming. However, it is a good idea to level the driveway with a scraper, then use the ha
Turf Production with the Wingfield Flexile Harrow
The flexible tine harrow was introduced into American in 1947. Myron Fuerst, a U.S. cattle producer, discovered the harrow in England where it was harrowing pastures and aerating grasses. The harrow