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The Wingfield 3pt Compact VersaVator was created, as a all-in-one tool, to seed waterways, create food plots, prepare gardens, finish construction areas, groom horse arenas, establish lawns, and much more! The units compact size allows it to fit comfortably on a trailer, yet is big enough to get the job done.

The basic unit consists of B-33 Mole Knives that create a vertical tillage tool that can work up and decompact the soil, without throwing material up the shank, to a 1" - 8" depth. The 11" knife spacing is able to shatter the soil between the knives, while still providing residue clearance (However, the VersaVator does work best in low residue environments). The knife height is controlled by adjustable gauge wheels. The unit requires 45 -100 hp.

An optional adjustable S-tine attachment which is offset behind the Mole knives at 8" spacings. The S-tine attachment cultivates and loosens the soil between the deeper penetrating Mole knives.

An optional 6' rolling basket is available to break up heavy clods before the seeder attachments.

Two optional Herd electric broadcast seeders (1.20 and 2.58 bu.) are available. Both models are able to throw seed from 6' - 28'. Seeders can be detached and used in the receiver hitch of a ATV, UTV, or truck.

You can attach an optional fixed 8' 0" harrow mount (3 3/4' depth) as an excellent finishing tool. The harrow helps level the ground, firm the seedbed, and incorporate seed/fertilizer into the soil. An optional 8' 0" hydraulic folding harrow is also available to conserve storage/transport space.

The Wingfield 3pt VersaVator, with it's optional attachments, forms an ideal all-in-one tillage tool. With the excellent versatility and quality, the 3pt VersaVator is able to tackle numerous jobs and is built to last.


  • Combines a tillage tool, cultivator, rolling basket, broadcast seeder, and finishing harrow

  • B-33 Mole Knives using a 10" spacing work as vertical tillage 1'' - 8" deep, loosing without throwing material up the shank

  • S-tine attachment is offset behind the Mole knife with a 5" spacing to loosen and create a uniform surface

  • Rolling basket breaks up heavy clods

  • Optional seeder include: Herd Electric Broadcast Seeder available in two sizes (1.20 and 2.58 bu.) 

  • Optional fixed mounted harrow is 8' wide and 3 3/4' long, and provides and excellent finish

Sizes, Models & Pricing

Wingfield VersaVator

Optional Equipment for Wingfield Versavator:

Electric Broadcast Seeder
S-Tine Attachment
Rear Mounting Frame Bracket
Rolling Basket
Harrow Attachment


Please call 800.637.6712 or 217.643.7847 (M – F, 9am – 5pm CST) to purchase a Wingfield 3pt VersaVator.

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