What is AgFolks.com?

The Wingfield American Harrow is for sale exclusively online through AgFolks.com. Why use AgFolks you might ask? Well, AgFolks is designed to efficiently connect the producer directly to the manufacturer. Plus, it is an easy-to-use ecommerce platform that you can keep coming back to, for all your ag equipment needs.

Built by an ag manufacturer, strictly around the ag market, AgFolks understands the unique challenges ordering equipment online entails. Because, lets face it, buying a large harrow is much different than ordering a book through Amazon. From shipping numerous bulky packages, semi-truck delivery, farm tax id numbers, or just having someone to contact that truly knows your needs and concerns, AgFolks is better positioned than a large E-tailer to satisfy a farmers online purchasing needs.

The most important feature of AgFolks, though, is the customers ability to save money by cutting out the middle man. This direct connection allows us to pass that savings onto you. We intend to provide our customers with the highest-quality, American-made products at the best price, and through AgFolks.com we are able to achieve that goal!

Wingfield American Harrow

American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

The Wingfield American Harrow is for sale exclusively online at AgFolks.com.


You can also call 800.637.6712 or 217.643.7847 (M-F  9 am - 5pm CST) to place an order.

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Wingfield American Harrow