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3pt EconoDrag Harrows (4' 0" - 6' 5" widths - 5' long harrow) 3pt Standard Harrows (7' 2" - 9' 6" widths - 5' long harrow) 3pt MaxiLift Harrows (7' 2" - 12' 0" widths - 7 1/2' long harrow)
Heavy-Duty 3pt Harrow (8' - 26' widths, 7 1/2' long, expandable w/hyd. folding wings)
A Wingfield American tractor harrow mounted on a 3pt frame gives the operator full control over the harrow mat. A 3pt frame allows you to back up into corners, lift up and shake out excess material, easily transport, and control how many harrow tines you have in contact with the ground. These tractor harrows come in a variety of widths from 4' 9" - 26'. The 3pt Econo Drag Harrow and the 3pt Standard Harrow are ideal smaller tractor harrows with their 5' length harrow mat. The 3pt MaxiLift and the 3pt Heavy-Duty work great as large tractor harrows with their 7 1/2' length harrow mat.

Like we always say "You control a tractor harrow on a frame, a drag harrow controls you!".