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Econo American Harrow Cart

The Wingfield Econo American Harrow Cart is designed with a lighter, welded framework to lower the price for an operator that is easy on their equipment. But don't let the lighter frame fool you! This cart still comes with the superior American-made Wingfield Harrow Mat that can outlast the competition by up to three times! It is also designed for fast and easy setup, and the unit can be shipped LTL.

Features on the Wingfield Econo American Harrow Cart include:


  • Five-bolt hubs

  • Welded/bolted frame construction

  • Tie-rod cylinders

  • Optional hydraulic folding wings

  • Optional 2' tongue extension

  • Welded rings (front and rear) to allow free movement, longer wear, and can never bind 

  • Single piece harrow mats that never come unhooked and stay in contact with the ground more consistently

  • Computer bent harrow tines to ensure even wear and consistent performance 

This unit is available in 21' (1,745 lbs.) and 24' (2,390 lbs.) widths. The cart has a 12' tongue, with an optional 2' tongue extension available. If you are on a budget, but need a harrow cart that will get the job done and last. Look no further than the Wingfield Econo American Harrow Cart.


Harrow Cart Spec Sheet.png
Sizes, Models & Pricing:
Econo American Harrow Cart

Optional Equipment:


Hydraulic Folding Wing Kit:     $1,215.00                           

Rear Rings for Harrow Mat:        $215.00

2' Tongue Extension:                   $120.00                            

Light Kit:                                        $49.00


Please call 800.637.6712 or 217.643.7847 (M – F, 9am – 5pm CST) to purchase a Wingfield American Harrow Cart.

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Wingfield American Harrow

American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

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