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The Wingfield EconoDrag ATV Harrow is our smallest model of drag harrow, and is available in widths from 4' 9" - 7' 2". All Wingfield ATV drag harrows are 5' 0" in length and come in two mats (front and rear). It is ideal as a larger garden tractor drag or as a ATV drag.

This model of harrow is extremely popular for creating food plots. When you make a food plot you need equipment that fits in tight areas, is easily managed by hand, and can do the job of a bigger tool. The flexibility of the harrow mat works up high and low spots for maximum coverage per pass. This food plot drag does an excellent job breaking up clods, leveling, and preparing an ideal seedbed. Then, after broadcasting, you can work in the seed for excellent seed to soil contact. You get all this in a unit that can fit on the front or rear rack of an ATV.

Of course, the Wingfield EconoDrag can also be used for numerous additional jobs: seeding a lawn, thatching and aerating a pasture, breaking up manure, maintaining a gravel/dirt driveway, grooming a riding arena, preparing a seedbed, incorporating fertilizer/chemicals, and much more!

You won't find a better ATV food plot drag for sale on the market today because of these features:

  • A high-carbon, DRAWN, spring-steel harrow tine that can outlast the competition by up to three times!

  • Harrow tines are computer bent to ensure even wear and consistent performance

  • Rings in lieu of hooks to prevent unhooking, binding, and premature wear

  • Chain and clevis hitch is fully-adjustable across the drawbar pipe to keep the chain from hitting the pulling vehicle tires when making tight turns

  • Optional rear pipe is available to help level behind the harrow, keep the back corners from flipping up at higher speeds, and more quickly move the hitch from front to back in order to change tine aggressiveness

  • Harrow can be pulled in the aggressive mode (tines standing up), less aggressive mode (tines laying flat), upside down (tines pointing in the air), or a combination between the front and rear mats - rough up in aggressive mode with the front mat, and smooth out with the rear mat either in the less aggressive mode or upside down

The Wingfield EconoDrag ATV Harrow is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. You have full control over the tine aggressiveness and even have the ability to work up and smooth out - all in one pass! Use the harrow to create a perfect food plot, and maximize the emergence of expensive seed.

NOTE: Try to order a drag harrow at least a little wider than your wheel base - to cover your tracks while turning and to keep your pulling vehicle clear when getting close to trees/fences. Anything wider just covers more ground per pass.

  • Width: 4' 9" - 7' 2"

  • Length/Depth: 5' 0"

  • Weight: 128 lbs. - 188 lbs.

  • Clevis: Accepts a 1/2" pin

  • Chain: 6' long - 5/0 high-test chain

  • Drawbar: 47" - 76" wide - 1 1/4" Schedule 80 drawbar pipe

  • Tine: Computer bent 1/2" diameter high-carbon, drawn spring steel tine

  • Number of tines: 44 - 68

  • Points of contact: 88 - 136

Wingfield EconoDrag ATV Harrow Sizes, Models & Pricing:





SIZE: 4'9" W X 5' L




SIZE: 5'7" W X 5' L




SIZE: 6'5" W X 5' L




SIZE: 7'2" W X 5' L




EconoDrag ATV Harrow
EconoDrag ATV Harrow dragging a pasture
EconoDrag ATV Harrow grooming gravel

Wingfield American Harrow

American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

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