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Standard American Harrow Cart

The Wingfield Standard American Harrow Cart is the heaviest, longest lasting harrow cart on the market today. Our harrow cart is designed for numerous jobs in a wide variety of conditions. The unit is adjustable and easy to use. Plus, the Wingfield American Harrow Tine can outlast the competition by up to three times!

As the innovators in the field, Wingfield is committed to improving design and creating new uses for a harrow cart. These innovations include:


  • The first hydraulic folding harrow cart wing

  • Bolted frame construction

  • Welded rings (front and rear) to allow free movement, longer wear, and can never bind 

  • Single piece harrow mats that never come unhooked and stay in contact with the ground more consistently

  • 6 bolt heavy-duty axles with 15" trailer tires 

  • Computer bent harrow tines to ensure even wear and consistent performance 

Our bolted frames, made from high quality steel tubing, are assembled with grade 5 - 5/8" U-bolts. This construction technique allows the frame to flex, which prevents the cracking of metal at welded joints if you strike something or after years of harrowing.

If you would happen to hit an obstruction hard and bend part of the frame, that piece is all that would need to be replaced; whereas with welded frames, the complete unit may be twisted and have to be replaced. An additional benefit of the bolt together frame is the ability to break the unit down so it can be shipped LTL at lower freight rates.

Our frames also encompass the entire harrow section, never dangling over the back of the frame getting tangled. A fully-encompassing frame also gives better control of the harrow in situations where you are in heavy residue.

The versatility of the Wingfield Standard American Harrow Cart is one of it's greatest strengths. You can use it by itself or in tandem behind a plow, cultivator, disc, aerator, etc. Plus, it also frees up your 3pt lift so you can mount a broadcast seeder and throw seed into the harrow - saving a pass through the field! Plus, you are able to use a harrow cart to drag a pasture, thatch, aerate, reseed, incorporate chemicals/fertilizer, prepare a seedbed, weed control, and much more!

With a Wingfield Standard American Harrow Cart you are sure to have the heaviest frame work, longest lasting harrow mat, least maintenance, most versatility, and best performing cart available!


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Sizes, Models & Pricing:
Standard American Harrow Cart

Optional Equipment:


Hydraulic Folding Wing Kit                $1,475.00

Additional Pair of Axles and Tires     $1,425.00


Please call 800.637.6712 or 217.643.7847 (M – F, 9am – 5pm CST) to purchase a Wingfield American Harrow Cart.

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Wingfield American Harrow

American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.

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