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Wingfield offers all the parts needed to get your broken harrow up and running again. We offer welded front rings, open mid-rings, welded rear rings, open rear rings, side tines, complete harrow tines, and old-style front hooks.
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Front Ring - Welded Rear Ring Mid Ring
Old-style Front Hook
List Price $4.75
Open Rear Ring
List Price $4.75
Open Mid Ring
List Price $4.75

While we have switched over to new style rings to eliminate binding and unhooking during use, we still offer the Wingfield Old-style Front Hooks that will match-up to the old way of attaching the harrow to the drawbar.

The Open Rear Rings allow the rear harrow mat of a two piece harrow (EconoDrag Drawbar, Standard Drawbar, and Maxi Drawbar) to be turned around or have a pipe run through them.

The Open Mid Rings attach the rear harrow mat of a two piece harrow (EconoDrag Drawbar, Standard Drawbar, and Maxi Drawbar) to the front mat.

Front Ring Front Ring - Welded Side Tine
Welded Front Ring
List Price $5.80
Welded Rear Ring
List Price $5.95
Side Tine
List Price $6.30


The Wingfield Welded Front Ring is designed to work without binding or unhooking. The ring can accept a drawbar pipe up to 2 1/2" in diameter.

The Wingfield Welded Rear Rings allow a drawbar pipe to be added to the rear of any single-piece Wingfield Harrow Section.

The Wingfield Side Tine is the connector on the outside of all Wingfield Harrow Sections. The single tine connector helps form the edge of the harrow mats.

Harrow Tine
Wingfield Harrow Tine
List Price $7.95

The Wingfield Harrow Tine is made in the USA and built to last. The tine is made from a high carbon, drawn, spring steel rod. It is formed in dies and computer bent to ensure consistent wear and even performance. Drawing the steel provides 20,000 lbs. extra tensile strength, without affecting the integrity of the steel like heat treating can. All this makes a harrow tine that can outlast foreign imports by three times!